Online education to guide urban working Canadians to make tangible and quantifiable lifestyle changes through our convenient and accessible non-institutionalized online platform. 

2021 Eco Course

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the why & the how

what you can do personally to positively impact canada’s ecological footprint & become more eco friendly

  • Why urban Canadians will play a big role in Canada’s climate targets in the next 10 years
  • How to track your Ecological Footprint & implement changes that are in alignment with your current finances & time availability 
  • Walk you through an intersectional approach to an ecological mindset shift beyond “less impact” and towards thriving

what’s included?

  • 2 hours of colour coded, self-paced learning & interactive content
  • A beautiful & retro inspired PDF Course Booklet with maps, charts & graphs
  • Fill in the blank worksheet & Eco Wellness Guide
  • 1 tree awarded to every participant who completes the course content. (Urban Reforestation partnership with Sequoia Solution)
  • Accessible, science-based & cultural wisdom eco-lifestyle transformation method


$49 CAD

Anyone who purchases after November 20th, will receive course content by email after registration. 

No refunds will be given and course purchases will be final sale. 

Course content is property of Una Terra, and is not allowed to be shared or duplicated in any way. 



This course is for you if: 

  • Becoming more eco friendly is one of your priorities in 2021
  • You know there is an ecological problem we are facing but never find the time to reasearch 
  • You have not learned about sustainability in school before but are interesed in making better ecological choices
  • You’re looking to understand the nuances of the ecological issues Canada is facing in the next 10 years. 

2021 Eco Events

Jan 2021 Eco Action Plan Workshop

Free virtual event hosted on Jan 16, 2021 from 9-10:30AM PST (12-1:30PM ET).

This workshop will be dedicated to becoming more eco-friendly in 2021 & providing you with practical steps to implementing changes into your daily urban life.

You can expect to walk away from this course having made at least 1 new genuine connection, refreshed & motivated to make 2021 your greenest year yet, and with a plan to make that happen. Anyone interested in continued learning will get an exclusive discount to purchase THE WHY & THE HOW.

There’s a gap in Canada’s education

at the high school level & for Canadians entering the workforce. 

Through our online courses we are amplifying the research & projects of women and other marginalized groups.

Climate Change will affect ALL of Canada’s top industries within the next 9 years. 

Time & pressure on individuals: wanting to learn more means either applying to an institution or doing a lot of online research. This could result in learning from incorrect statistics, confusing and misleading information based on biased opinions & traditional news sources and difficulty in understanding academic style of writing and vocabulary. 

Canadians know we are living in a climate emergency, that solutions have been invented but there is not enough follow-through happening.


Marina de Pina-Jenkins is your average bicultural Canadian of half Canadian & half Brazilian heritage. She has been fundraising and participating in social and environmental causes for over 15 years.

With experience in fundraising, outreach, social media communications, performing, public speaking and various other creative projects, she has been using her skills to be the change she wishes to see in the world.

In her career, she has worked at the non-profit level, local business level and at the municipal level.  

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