Our goal:

10 years to reduce our ecological footprint as a country by 50%

It’s a big goal. The solutions exist. It’s time to transform our society together.  

Una Terra is a social enterprise

that aims to achieve social, economic & environmental outcomes by employing people who are typically excluded from the environmental movement (especially women of minority groups, of the LGBTQIA2S+, disabled and those with life or cultural wisdom over a university degree) and to earn revenue. 

Our Vision



Our Mission

Teaching Canada’s urban women 

our accessible, science-based & cultural wisdom, eco-lifestyle transformation method through a convenient online platform, workshops, and events in a non-institutional & intersectional setting.

Transparent Social Enterprise Business Structure

Streams of Revenue

  • Online Courses, events & workshops

  • In person events & community building 

  • Online shop & brand collaborations

  • Brand consulting & promotions

Streams of Impact

  • We pay all our creatives fairly

  • Hiring creatives, consultants & freelancers prioritized to Canadian women, BIPOC & other minority groups 

  • Increasing climate action participation among Canadian women

  • Each course purchased & completed awards a tree in your name through our non profit partners that focus on urban densification projects

Our Values


Creating something of lasting value which we pass on through our heritage for future generations.


Motivated by making the world a better place


Motivated by a need to get it right, visualize relevancy, and understand how everything fits together. We help people feel more intelligent, more responsible, and more in control. 


To unify our community, gather and feel collected around a common idea or challenge. We help people feel supported, nourished, and well connected. 


No doom and gloom here! But also this is a froo-froo free space! We use a realistic, optimistic and science-based approach to keep people encouraged and pumped to join the movement.


Influence through acceptance of everyone’s diverse circumstances, needs and identities. We are stronger together, and anyone is welcome to be a part of that. 

Statement of Commitment

Una Terra stands in solidarity with the LGBTQIA2S+ community and minority groups who have been held down through the continued colonial legacy. We will learn and unlearn, in order to fulfil our mission. We use the phrase “women” & “non binary friends” in an effort to be inclusive of the broad spectrum of female & non male identifying people while still maintaining our niche in marketing.

We also use the word Nation – to encompass all nations that reside within Canadian territory. We acknowledge that Canada is a colonized country with individual national identities that function within it. We acknowledge that the colonial history is deeply embedded in our institutions and we are actively trying to dismatnle them in order to create the Canada in which true equity is achieved. 

We acknowledging the territory where we live, play and work and that Indigenous, Metis, and all First Peoples should take place within the larger context of genuine and ongoing work to forge real understanding, and to challenge the legacies of colonialism.  

Our Founder

Marina de Pina-Jenkins is your average bicultural Canadian of half Canadian & half Brazilian heritage. She has been fundraising and participating in social and environmental causes for over 15 years.

With experience in fundraising, outreach, social media communications, performing, public speaking and various other creative projects, she has been using her skills to be the change she wishes to see in the world.

In her career, she has worked at the non-profit level, local business level and at the municipal level.  


We are currently building a team of Canadian womxn to provide various services to collaborate with businesses across Canada. Here’s a list of how we can help you:

Public speaking, events, workshops & digital takeovers for any social media platform 

Small business consultations with primary expertise in lifestyle brands, clothing, cosmetics, wellness services & eco tourism

Advertising and promoting small businesses targeting a Canadian demographic. 

Blog writing or educational content for your website, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube (Yes! We do video educational content as well!) 

Transparent & Fair Rates

Public speaking, events & workshops: $250 for groups of less than 20 people. Please inquire for larger groups or events over 2 hours. 

Consulting: Initial call is free. Consulting starting at $125/hour 

Advertising & promotions campaigns: starting rate at $85/campaign (additional expenses included for multiple posts, IG stories, & feature on website)

Educational content & writing: starting at $111 for 300 words or $135 for 400+ words


Collaboration is key to increasing positive impact & participation in climate action. Here we want to showcase brands, writers and ambassadors who are helping to make our goal a reality.  

Feature Brands

We’d love to feature you on our website! 

Writers & Researchers

Hiring talented Canadians to help us expand our blog content!


New monthly ambassador partners. 

A friendly, beautiful & thoughtful monthly email.

We promise this email will always: be visually creative and include multi-media links, will be brief, will contain important updates on how you can join our mission and actionable steps to participation. Sign up below if this floats your boat.