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A social media campaign for us to track participation from Canadian women. 


Get Involved by using

#halvecanadasimpact #canadaspositiveimpact

on social media

Get on the groovy train by posting an action or habit that you changed to reduce its impact by half!

1 Snap a photo of a pinky promise knot using any waste material you can find

2 Post on social media as a public pledge to reduce your ecological footprint by %50 and increase our positive impact

3 Invite others to follow @unaterra.ca, share the campaign & post their own photo.

Sample Caption: ” I accept the @unaterra.ca pinky promise promise challenge to reduce my ecological footprint by half in <insert a habit or area of your life that you commit to improving. Ex: my water use at home> This is not about being a hypocrite or finding faults. This is about doing SOMETHING rather than letting fear keep us from doing anything at all.” 

Our Main Goals & Objectives

Objectives for Una Terra

Objective 1
Increase participation in Canada’s climate action plan.


Reach our target demographic which is 122,832 people. 


Building a diverse and unified community to accelerate societal change and unite Canada through our common goals

Target 1.3

Collaborating with other diverse & equality oriented communities 


Establish community representatives in our 5 target cities in Canada (Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax)

Objective 2

Community level solutions & partnerships 


Connecting women who have completed our courses, to collaborate and implement municipal & community level projects. 


Partnerships with community leaders, local businesses & organizations to reduce the impact of their internal systems in order to decrease carbon emissions at the municipal level my 50%. 


Measure and chart Canadian women’s involvement in reducing their personal ecological footprint & contributing positive value to Canadian society 

Objective 3

Canada-wide campaigns against our top polluting industries


Initiate change through Canada’s most iconic companies & sectors, to reduce their footprint by 50% and to fund our community level projects as a way to offset their carbon emissions. 


The number of Canadian cities and towns that participated in climate strike actions on 27 September, 2019.

We aim to reach Canadians in 5 target cities: Greater Vancouver Area, Edmonton, Greater Toronto Area, Winnipeg, Halifax

The first milestone number of Canadians we aim to educate through our courses


True sustainability is a complex task to aim for in an urban setting and requires a multi-pronged approach. Una Terra’s aim: 10 years to reduce our ecological footprint as a nation by 50%.


Phase 1 of Una terra is to engage individuals across Canada to reducing their awareness on issues of intersectional sustainability in order to promote positive impacts, increase harmony between Canadians and towards our natural environment. 


Phase 2 of Una Terra is to engage our wide audience to partner with Canada’s largest corporations, to use the Una Terra Method to reduce the ecological footprint of a specific product or business process by half. Which companies that sell products or services in Canada would you like to see take on this bold challenge and join our cause? Our united voices will call out companies that aren’t doing enough and exemplify those who are making the necessary changes to stay in line with or exceed Canada’s commitment. 


Phase 3 of Una Terra will be to tackle Canada’s largest industries and sectors – these include the energy sector, healthcare, natural resource extraction, etc. These industries are leading Canada’s economy and need to make big and bold changes to keep up with the changes we will face in the next 10 years. In order to truly reach our goal, we need to change Canada’s ecological footprint on a national level through nation-wide activities. 

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