We’re better together! 

Whether you have an awesome idea you want to pitch to us, if you want to collaborate, mobilize and revolutionize together or even just if you have some questions about Una Terra, please use this form or reach out directly to hello.unaterra@gmail.com. And also, thank you so much for your interest in advance! <3 

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Connect us to your network using the following examples

Email: “Seeing the UnaTerra.ca eco education platform inspired me to reach out to you. I want to connect you with this social enterprise because I think you represent what they value & the goals they are trying to achieve. Please reach out to the founder Marina to get involved as an <instert if you think they would be a good fit for us as a business partner, social media ambassador, a paid writer or creative or as one of our core team members>.”

Linked In or Social Media: “I thought you would love seeing what this social enterprise is doing. They represent a vision for Canada that I think is in line with your own goals and values. Please check out their website and see if you want to get involved, collaborate or use their services.”

Feature Brand Application

Collaboration is key to increasing positive impact & participation in climate action.
If you match the criteria below, please apply!

  • Canadian owned

  • Showcases transparency in all aspects of their supply chain & production 

  • Actively innovating to reduce use of water, electricity, waste & packaging internally 

  • Can verify fair wages across all levels of company operations

  • Is working to help bring solutions to Canadians to reduce their negative impact, move towards a regenerative & localized economy and society. 

  • We loooove handmade products 

Writers & Researchers Application

We are hiring groovy & talented Canadians to diversify learning on our blog! 

We are accepting applications for article ideas on topics that are relevant to urban intersectional, ecological impact in Canada. Accepted applicants will be paid for their writing, have their article published on our website, featured on our social media platforms and shared to our viewers. If you have an idea please reach out!

  • Priority hiring for women writers from diverse backgrounds (disabled, LGBTQIA2S+, BIPOC, or any minority group who typically feels excluded from work opportunities)

  • Research-based writing or teachings based on ancestral/cultural/spiritual wisdom 

  • No images necessary

  • Interested applicants will be supplied with an Editorial Guidelines Document before writing begins

Ambassadors Application

Do you have a wellness, lifestyle or sustainability-oriented audience on your Instagram, Blog or Youtube channel? You don’t need to be an expert to join the movement and affect positive change. 

We collaborate with a new ambassador every month. We want to work with creatives in their field who are experts in visual communications! Stylists, graphic designers, painters, poets, movie makers, singers, bakers & more… we see you changing the world! Please fill out this form below if you are interested in this month-long collaboration opportunity. And answer a few questions in your message:

  • Please indicate if you are a women or non binary friend who is either disabled, LGBTQIA2S+, BIPOC, or any minority group who typically feels excluded from work opportunities

  • Which of Una Terra’s Blog topics interests you the most?

  • What is your main creative form of expression and communication online that we can use to amplify each other’s missions & goals?